Director: Nicky Gogan & Paul Rowley

Ireland • 2007 • 96 mins

Thirty miles north of Dublin lies a collection of colourful chalets and rusting fairground rides. This is Mosney, for fifty years a family holiday destination, which at its peak could accommodate 2800 campers and 4000 day visitors. Today, it is a holding centre for asylum seekers: in this surreal global village people wait years for decisions on their asylum claims. There are children who were born here. Mosney, a crumbling relic of a pleasure centre, is the only world they know. Over three years, the filmmakers lived in Mosney, gaining the trust of the residents and an unprecedented insight into lives spent in constant fear of deportation. From Congo, Kurdistan, Nigeria, Somalia, Sri Lanka and countless other countries, we hear why people have been forced to leave everything and move to a country full of strangers. We learn about the trauma of waiting in this bizarre processing centre, and the disintegration of aspirations, ambitions and mental health while the slow wheels of our administration ponder their lives.
Directors Nicky Gogan and Paul Rowley will attend the screening.
If you can’t see this, try Iraq in Fragments (Saturday 1.25pm)

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