Mickybo and Me

Director: Terry Loane

Religious divisions in Northern Ireland form the backdrop for this rollicking family adventure from director Terry Loane. Shy young Protestant boy Jonjo (Niall Wright) accidently crosses his community’s sectarian borders when he befriends the energetic, wild, and – crucially – Catholic child Mickybo (John Joe McNeill). The pair discover a shared love for Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and quickly set out to imitate their heroes’ conquests, running away from home as they scrap with other children, pretend to rob banks, and evade the police officers trying to bring them home. Even as this friendship blossoms the question of their differing religions casts a shadow and endangers everything. Adapted from a play by Owen McCafferty, Mickybo and Me is a film that manages to provide a wonderful combination of childhood exuberance and social history.

Age: 15

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