Manufacturing Dissent:Uncovering Michael Moore

Director: R. Caine & D. Melnyk

Canada • 2007 • 97 mins

Manufacturing Dissent – Uncovering Michael Moore is an expose documentary on film-maker and polemicist Michael Moore. It chronicles the supercharged climate in America that has fuelled Moore’s transition from struggling filmmaker to icon of the political left. The film seeks to separate fact, fiction and legend, as the directors Caine & Melnyk track Moore on tour during the release of the explosive Fahrenheit 9/11, his sensational documentary that spoke out against the integrity of the Bush Administration.
Interestingly, both Caine and Melynk admit to being supporters of Moore. Then they began looking at the methods Moore employs in his films, and the deeper they dug, the more they began to question these processes. The result is a controversial, wellrounded portrait of Michael Moore the man, and an engrossing indictment of his shady, manipulative tactics as a documentary maker. ‘Intelligent and provocative, this film is not an assault by right-wing ideologues but a dissection by two ‘progressive liberals,’ and has all the more impact for it.’ Variety
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