87 minutes. France/UK/USA. 2012. Colour. D-cinema.

A recent winner of the prestigious Michael Powell Award for Best Feature at the Edinburgh Film Festival, Leviathan was the film on everyone’s lips as the festival came to a close.

This stunning documentary immerses the audience in the sights and sounds of a voyage of a battered old Atlantic Ocean fishing trawler, detailing the cycle of violent encounters of men, fish, birds, and machines.

Eschewing interviews, narration or typical narrative devices, the film is at times hallucinatory and disorientating, at times gorgeous and abstract, an assault on the senses that will leave no viewer unaffected.

“Edited together into a non-linear and virtually wordless whole, it creates a briny immersive effect that is almost hallucinatory.” Toronto Star

This film is showing as part of the IFI Stranger Than Fiction 2013, Documentary Film Festival (September 26th – 29th).

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