Director: Diane Bertrand

France / Germany. 2005. 100mins

After almost losing a finger in an accident on a factory assembly line, Iris visits a mysterious ‘institute’ to be treated. Once there, she’s invited to take a job assisting the unnamed doctor (Marc Barbe) as he transforms his patients’ severed limbs into ‘specimens’: afloat in formaldehyde, ready for display, as if in a museum. One day, he suggests she begin wearing some red high-heeled pumps … and then things get really strange. Adapted from a cult novel by Japanese writer Yoko Ogawa, this erotic reverie inhabits the same surreal realm as the films of David Lynch and Walerian Borowczyk, and provokes the same delicious sense of beguilement and unease. Starring possibly the world’s most beautiful woman, Ukrainian-born former model Olga Kurylenko, it’s a haunting journey into the subconscious.

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