Director: Bertrand Tavernier

Bertrand Tavernier’s powerful new film L627, which focuses on the parisian Drug-Squad was one of the outstanding films at this year’s Venice Film Festival and opened in Paris to controversy and packed cinemas.
The film takes a realistic no-holds-bared look at the Paris Drug Squard, their methods of working, their meagre resources, their incompetence and petty corruption. Tavernier co-wrote the screenplay with a Drug Squad detective giving the film its ring of honesty, authenticity and realism.
Tavernier’s hero Lulu (Didier Bezace) plays a policeman with a buning passion for his job which he somehow retains in the teeth of a Kafkaesque bureaucracy, widespread despair and constant danger.
The Squad’s day to day work takes place in a grim and seedy Paris, which is brilliantly shot by Alain Choquart in real and often dangerous locations, where the plain-clothes cops are constantly taking risks on the streets.

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