Director: Kieron J. Walsh

A hectic crime caper mixing brutal violence with the revelry of New Year’s Eve, Jump uses an out-of-sequence narrative packed with a large ensemble cast to tell a story of a young couple’s chance meeting and subsequent attempt to steal enough money to pay for a new life abroad. Persuaded to abandon a suicide attempt by Pearse (Martin McCann), Greta (Nichola Burley) realises the pair share a common problem: local crime-lord Frank Feeney (Lalor Roddy), Greta’s father and a man who wants Pearse’s head. Together the two plan to exploit Greta’s relationship with Frank and pull off a heist that could free them from Frank and Ireland forever. Possessing a manic energy that shifts from despair to comedy, this slick effort from Kieron J. Walsh is also notable for being a Derry-based film that makes no mention of the Troubles.

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