Director: Jon Bang Carlsen

Total Duration: 71 mins (approx)

There will be a post-screening Q&A with director Jon Bang Carlsen.

We are honoured to welcome one of Denmark’s most celebrated and provocative documentarians, Jon Bang Carlsen, who for decades has explored and subverted documentary form to present staged realities.

It’s Now Or Never

44 mins, 1996, Colour, 35mm

A lonely Co Clare farmer employs the services of a matchmaker to find a wife – ideally  “…a handy-sized woman, round the 10 stone mark, reasonable in looks; nice personality” in this funny and intimate portrait of  rural isolation..

How To Invent Reality

Here Carlsen reveals how he has orchestrated the action in “It’s Now Or Never”, a film that claims documentary status despite having a script, storyboards and a dream sequence.

Kindly supported by the Danish Embassy Dublin, and the Danish Film Institute.

This film is showing as part of the IFI Stranger Than Fiction 2013, Documentary Film Festival (September 26th – 29th).

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