IFI International: March 2022

3-6 March // Capital Irish Film Festival // Redemption of a Rogue, You Are Not My Mother, Secrets from Putumayo [Segredos do Putumayo], The Tribe of Gods, Brian Friel – Shy Man, Showman, An Irish Goodbye, Here Before, Let the Wrong One In, Lost Lives, Doineann [Storm], Death of a Ladies’ Man, One Upon a Time in Ireland, Ryan McMullen: Debut, The Dance, Foscadh [Shelter], Where’s the Craic?
Shorts Program 1: Energy, The Yellow Dress, In Orbit, Rat, Bog Portraits
Shorts Program 2: Ruthless, Nightlink, A Haiku to My Mind Via Limerick, Reavey Brothers, Forerunner, Ramblin’ Man // AFI Silver // Silver Spring, Washington, USA

3-13 March [In-Person: March 3–6, Virtual: March 7–13] // Chicago Irish Film Festival // Doineann, Róise & Frank, Mam’s Old Chair, An Irish Goodbye, Blarney, The Quay Co-op US, Forerunner, Once Upon a Time in Ireland, Darkey Kelly, Memento Mori, The Killarney Echo, Bicycle Thieves: Pumped Up, Double Yellow, Gateway, Tempvs, Where the Merrows Roam, A Haiku to My Mind via Limerick, Keep it a Secret, Sit Down Shut Up, Redemption of a Rogue, In the Room, Nosy Neighbor, Hillwalkers, My Brain in Blue Light, You Are Here, Aliquippa, PA: It’s All About the People, The Maltese Connection, The Blue Shroud
Shorts 1: Documentaries: In Between Lands, System, Forget Me Not, Memory of Mariga, Outside In, Visionaries, The Small Steps
Shorts 2: Twists and Turns: Magic, The Cure, Algorithm, Scrap, Shadowed Reflections, Afterlife, Foxglove, Dollar Generals
Shorts 3: Family Time: Rian, Ruthless, Cherry, Irish Meadows, Don’t Open Me [Não Me Abre], The Lost Pig, The Boat, The Wake
Shorts 4: Speak Up: Shine, Debutante, Woodpeckers, Flanneur, Acheron, Tea, Trick Shot, Guard Up, Chicken Out
Shorts A: Family First: Chicken Out, Mam’s Old Chair, The Wake, Shine, Double Yellow, An Irish Goodbye
Shorts B: Let’s Talk About It!: I’ll Wait Here, Woodpeckers, Tea, Guard Up, You Are Here, In the Room, Magic, Nosy Neighbor
Shorts C: Change of Plan: Debutante, The Cure, Afterlife, Shadow Reflections, Trick Shot, Dollar Generals
Shorts D: Reflections: Acheron, Memento Mori, Flanneur, Darkey Kelly, The Killarney Echo [Macalla Chill Áirne), The Boat, Algorithm, Scrap
Shorts E: Tiny Lessons, Mighty Voices: Cherry, Don’t Open Me [Não Me Abre], Irish Meadows, Rian, Ruthless, The Lost Pig
Short Docs A: Stories to Remember: The Small Steps, Visionaries, My Brain in Blue Light, Memories of Mariga, Forget Me Not, Sit Down Shut Up
Short Docs B: Living Life: Forerunner, A Haiku to My Mind via Limerick, System, In Between Lands, Outside In
Dublin Animation Film Festival partnership: Program A [for children 8 and up]: The Ghost Dog, Marcopolis, Fly Away, the Adventures of Mr Pineapple, A Minor Tale.
Program B
[for children 11 and up]: Pursuit, Sunride, The Late Shift, Did You Hear About Her Dad, Alientated
// Logan Theatre, Gallery Theatre, Theatre on the Lake, and online // Chicago, USA

5 March // SF Irish Film Festival: Documentary Day // Keep it a Secret, Breaking Out, Steps of Freedom: The Story of Irish Dance // Delancey Theater, San Francisco, USA

8-12 March // UN Women International Women’s Day Film Festival // Losing Alaska // Amman, Jordan // Presented in association with the Embassy of Ireland Amman, and UN Women, Jordan

12-20 March // Belgrade Irish Festival // Redemption of a Rogue and Q&A with cinematographer Burschi Wolnar, Blarney, An Encounter, ULYSSES | Film, Phil Lynott: Songs for While I’m Away, Foscadh [Shelter], Son and Q&A with producer Anne-Marie Naughton, Faith and Branko and Q&A with director Catherine Harte // Kinoteka // Belgrade, Serbia

CANCELLED 16-27 March // Irish Film Festival Russia // Karo 11 Oktyabr // Moscow, St Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Russia

17-20 March // The Irish Festival of Oulu // Breaking Out, Pure Grit, Love Yourself Today, Redemption of a Rogue, Crock of Gold – A Few Rounds with Shane MacGowan, Who We Love // Oulu, Finland // Presented in collaboration with IFI International online

19 March // Ár Lorg Saoirse: A Radical Irish Cinema // Anne Devlin, Maeve // Maysles Documentary Center, New York, USA

22 March // Irish Seniors Social Group Ottawa // Blarney // John Stewart Hall, Church of St Columba, Ottawa, Canada // Presented in association with Irish Film Festival Ottawa

23-24 March // Scéal Eile Film Festival // Arracht, Redemption of a Rogue, Pure Grit // Cinema Galeries, Brussels; Ghent, Belgium

The IFI International programme is supported by Culture Ireland.

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