IFI Documentary Festival 2016: A Family Affair

Director: Tom Fassaert

115 mins, USA, 2015, Digital, Subtitled

A family portrait that doubles as investigation, director Tom Fassaert’s film is an attempt to untangled his family’s troubled history with its matriarch Marianne Hertz, an impeccably dressed ninety-five-year-old whose persona in front of her grandson’s camera switches from candid to evasive when he turns to areas she would prefer remained shrouded, namely the two-year period in the ‘40s when she put Tom’s father and uncle into an orphanage. This never discussed or resolved act has since caused the family to passively unravel under a burden of resentment, guilt and regret

This event is screening as part of IFI Documentary Festival 2016 (September 22- 25)

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