I Went Down

Git Hynes is just out of jail, has lost his girlfriend and finds himself owing a debt to gangster Tom French, who sends him on an ‘easy ride’ down South to pick up a criminal associate, Frank Grogan. Git finds himself stuck in a reluctant partnership with Bunny Kelly, an older criminal with a bad attitude and they discover that French wants Grogan dead. Git and Bunny need to stick together, or they could find themselves sharing an unmarked grave. But greed, betrayal and old secrets make for a dangerous, violent trip, leading to a shocking conclusion.
Best New Director, Jury Prize, Best Screenplay, San Sebastian 1997 Best Director, Thessalonki Festival 1997
DIRECTOR Paddy Breathnach
PRODUCER Rob Walpole
CAST Brendan Gleeson, Peter MacDonald, Peter Caffrey, Tony Doyle
RUNNING TIME 107 minutes

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