126 minutes, Japan, 2011, Subtitled, Colour, 3D, D-Cinema

Working in 3D but showing even greater classical restraint than he did in 13 Assassins, Takashi Miike has remade Masaki Kobayashi’s famous 1962 film by returning to its source (a story by Yasuhiko Takiguchi) and amplifying its clash between the values of military and civilian life. Edo is peaceful under the Shogun, and many former samurai are now unemployed, impoverished ronin. Some, in desperation, approach noble houses and request permission to commit ritual suicide on their premises, secretly hoping to be bought off. The story opens with the ronin Hanshiro petitioning the House of Li in exactly this way; instead of paying him to go away, the unsympathetic clan lord recounts the gruesome fate of the last ronin who came with that request, a young man named Motome. However Hanshiro is actually Motome’s father-in-law, and he has come to the House of Li to exact revenge. This chiaroscuro reimagining of 17th-century Japan is as fresh and vivid as anything Miike has ever done (Notes by Tony Raynes.)

There will be a €1 supplementary charge on ticket prices for these 3D screenings. 

Please note that there will be no screening of the film on Wednesday, May 9th at 18.30 (as previously advertised in our printed programme). 


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