Get Collins

Director: Steve Carson

Ireland • 2007 • 52 mins

The popular image of the ‘Tan War’ is of Flying Columns battling it out with British troops in the hills of Cork and Tipperary. In truth, however, the decisive battles of that time were fought in the streets of Dublin. It was a murky struggle involving deception and betrayal, as each side raced to identify their opponents – and kill them. Now, recently uncovered testimonies from those at the centre of the intelligence war shine light on a world in which no-one could be trusted and nothing was what it seemed. Extensively dramatised, Get Collins reveals this network of ‘backchannels’: how, at the height of the war, secret contacts were made between British officials and Michael Collins himself. This is a gripping film, one of the darker and more intriguing storylines of his leadership during the War of Independence: the ruthless and ultimately bloody cat-and-mouse relationship with the colonial authorities.
Director Steve Carson will attend the screening.
If you can’t see this, try Mise, Sean O Riordain (Friday 3.10pm) or Flight of the Earls (Friday 9.00pm)
Get Collins will be broadcast on RTE in October.

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