Director: Lisa Marie Evans & Marianne K/ Martin

100 mins, USA, 2022, Digital

‘We believe lesbians are superior at once and your manuscript should reflect this…’

Prepare to repeatedly gasp in awe as all your favourite literary lesbians grace the screen in new interviews and magical archival footage in a superlative documentary that traces the journey of Sapphic writing from the last century.

Evans and Martin leave few stones unturned as their story winds from The Well Of Loneliness to queer kids’ books, via porn, crime, horror, and the lesbian pulp novel explosion that was radically co-opted by real life lesbians themselves.

The memories, struggles, anecdotes and triumphs come thick and fast as Alice Walker, Rita Mae Brown, Jewelle Gomez and Sarah Waters join a sprawling cast who chart a triumphant literary tale.

Dublin’s bookstores had better just stock up and watch out after this screening…

For lovers of… Rebel Dykes, Ahead of the Curve, No Straight Lines

In conversation

Stick around after the screening to share your lesbian literary loves with our fabulous guest panel of speakers: artist Sarah-Joy Ford; Alexis Bard Johnson, Curator at the ONE Archives at the University of Southern California Libraries; Jess Bernard of Small Trans Library.

Pre-Feature Short


Dir. Amelia Annen / USA / 2022 / 10m

She’s young, changing, and full of confused desire out in rural Virginia.

Screening as part of GAZE 2022.

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