Director: Alberto Fuguet

102 mins, Spain, 2021, Digital

It begins one way, until you tell him to get naked. When he takes off his underwear it becomes another thing…

For over 25 years, partners in life, art and creativity Paco and Manolo, have published Kink Magazine, a photo-journal of ordinary queer men who want to get naked in front of their cameras.

Singles, couples, shy guys and outright exhibitionists all take their turn in front of the lens as the artists debate and divulge what keeps their practice fresh and their readership dedicated.

The imagery in Kink skates the line between art and pornography – as does this film – but for the models it’s a chance to explore a new side of themselves, to celebrate their bodies, declare their sexuality and join the growing pantheon of legendary Kink boys before them.

This frank and detailed documentary leaves nothing unsaid or unseen as Paco and Manolo meet, photograph and immortalise a new generation of nude guys.

For lovers of… Raw! Uncut! Video!, Mapplethorpe

Pre-Feature Short:

A Fox in the Night

Dir. Keeran Anwar Blessie / United Kingdom / 2022 / 12m

Collecting drugs for the evening ahead, Lewis has an unexpectedly intense encounter with the handsome neighbourhood dealer.

Screening as part of GAZE 2022.

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