GAZE 2020: Trans and Genderqueer Shorts


87 mins

To pre-order the collection of trans and genderqueer shorts, click here. The collection will be available to view from Saturday, October 4th at 13.00.

Like art, trans identity has many forms and expressions. Witness the best of it in this multi-coloured collection of short films from around the world.

Dungarees / dir. Abel Rubinstein / UK / 2020. 5’
Blake and Cane sort out their relationship the old fashioned way: sex and video games.

Victoria / dir. Dani Toledo / Spain / 2020 / 8’
A quietly affecting story of Ana’s first meeting (and reunion) with Clara.

Kapaemehu / dirs. Hina Wong-Kalu, Dean Hamer, Joe Wilson / USA /  2020. 8’
The ancient gender-fluid spirits of Hawaii make themselves known in this stunning animation.

Dress Up / dir. David Hinsch / USA / 2019. 8’
When the fun of dressing up suddenly becomes an issue, one Dad has a heart-warming solution.

Drifting / dir. Hanxiong Bo / USA, China / 2019. 16’
A visually arresting tale of one family’s quest to protect their children under China’s one child policy.

Lalla / dir. José Salazar / France / 2019. 8’
Lalla and her nephew Zacharias are both going through changes in their lives. Here the two share an intimacy of the unknown.

Vuelta Al Sol (Birthday Boy) / dir. Judith Corro / Panama / 2020
Brotherly love and understanding emerge strong in this big-hearted Panamanian short.

Tomorrow Tomorrow / dir. Katie Schiller / USA / 2020. 15’
Queer relationships are rekindled at the gravesite of a lost friend.

Free Fun / dir. Fehmi Öztürk / Turkey / 2019. 5’
The unlimited potential of VR is sometimes no replacement for reality in this cheeky and hedonistic Turkish short.

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