GAZE 2020: Taxi Zum Klo

Director: Frank Ripploh

98 mins, West Germany, 1980, Digital

To pre-order Taxi Zum Klo, click here. The film will be available to view from Friday, October 2nd at 21.30.


For a film that’s 40 years old, Taxi zum Klo is an incredibly progressive snapshot of gay life in Berlin. Taxi zum Klo, meaning “taxi to the toilet” or “cab to the cottage”, follows Frank and his daily habits as a school teacher in West Berlin. A born chancer, he dutifully carries out his responsibility as an educator of Germany’s young minds. But when he falls for the adoringly domesticated affections of Bernd, how is Frank to balance this with his previous life of parties and boys? It’s the age old story of a gay man trying to have it all!

Written and directed by lead actor Frank Ripploh, Taxi zum Klo is a wildly entertaining and progressive German classic, and a naughty delight from start to finish. Prepare yourself for some explicit, affirmative and joyful depictions of a whole range of interests!

Contains explicit content. Over 18s only.

Presented in partnership with Goethe-Institut Irland.

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