GAZE 2020: Men’s Shorts


97 mins

To pre-order the collection of men’s shorts, click here. The collection will be available to view from Friday, October 2nd at 18.45.

Different lives, different stories but all with their own particular male gaze. Stories that will touch you and tickle you, and maybe even break your heart.

The Fall / dir. Sharon Anderson / Australia / 2019. 12’
For an aging boxer, a broken heart hits the hardest.

Memoirs of a Geeza / dir. Theo James Krekis / UK / 2019. 3’
A top lad recollects fights, friends and painting his toenails with his dad.

Dreaming Like Louis / dir. Valentin Merz Tanören / Switzerland / 2019. 19’
There is truth somewhere in Louis’s fantastical dreams, as he and Paul accept their reality is not what it seems.

Stalls / dir. João Dall’Stella / USA / 2019. 3’
The intermission is barely long enough to get a drink, let alone some frantic fellatio.

From Last to First / dir. Navid Sinaki / USA / 2020. 5’
A hypnotic Iranian love story told through the magic of bootleg DVD menus. 

Faragh/Void / dir. Jan-Peter Horstmann / Germany / 2020. 22’
Unspectacular sex and a scuffle between two men from very different backgrounds lead to some unexpected connections.

Sunday / dir. Arun Falara / India / 2020. 10’
A tale for right now: a haircut and the touch of gentle times.

Just Us / dir. Tom Birdsey / UK / 2019. 5’
Love told through memory and the cinematic thrill of rear-projection.

Jeff Drives You / dir. Aidan Brezonick / USA / 2019. 17’
They say that men love their cars, but what happens when the car loves you back?

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