Flight of the Earls

Director: Paul Larkin

Ireland| 2007 • 52 mins| Irish with subtitles

On the 14th September 1607, Hugh O Neill, Earl of Tyrone, one of Ireland’s most charismatic political leaders who led the Nine Years War against England, along with most of Ulster’s political elite and their families left Ireland suddenly in a ship bound for Europe. Little did they know they would never see Ireland again and end their days in Rome. The Flight of the Earls marked the end of an ancient Gaelic Order and made way for the Plantation of Ulster. It also became a key event in the establishment of the Irish Diaspora across the globe. Four hundred years ago to the day of this screening, history changed forever. This documentary focusses on the reasons for the ‘Flight’; the journey across Europe; and the period of exile of Hugh O Neill in Rome. It was filmed in Ireland, Belgium, France, Switzerland and Italy. It stars Stephen Rea as Hugh O Neill.
Stephen Rea will be present for a Q&A following the screening, alongside many of the cast and crew.
If you can’t see this, try The Catulpa Rescue (Friday 1pm) or Get Collins (Friday 1pm)

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