Five Minutes of Heaven

Director: Oliver Hirschbiegel

Northern Ireland’s violent past casts a long shadow in this emotionally-complex drama that has director Oliver Hirschbiegel wrestle with difficult questions of guilt and forgiveness. The brutal murder of Joe Griffin’s (Kevin O’Neill) brother before his eyes by the teenage Alistair (Mark Davison) leaves deep wounds on Joe’s psyche; thirty years on, an adult Joe (James Nesbitt) stills dreams of vengeance on the now-free Alistair (Liam Neeson). His chance comes when a TV show invites Joe and Alistair to appear and discuss the violent past; Joe, however, plans to keep violence in the present by murdering Alistair live on air. Hirschbiegel had already grappled with difficult political themes in the internationally-celebrated Downfall and here asks tough questions about the consequences of violence and if and how it can be forgiven.

Best Single Drama/Drama Serial Award at the 7th Irish Film and Television Awards 2010.
Best Writer Award at 64th BAFTA Awards 2010

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