IFI Documentary Festival: OUTCRY AND WHISPER

Director: Wen Hai, Zeng Jinyan, Trish McAdam

100 mins, Ireland, 2020, Digital, Subtitled

To pre-order Outcry and Whisper, click here. The film will be available to view on IFI@Home from Thursday, September 24th at 20.00.


This film is F-rated.

Shot over an eight-year period (2007 – 2015) this film presents women’s struggles in the private and public spheres in China and Hong Kong. It foregrounds the lives of female factory workers, artists, activists, and intellectuals – who deal with political violence, sexual harassment, long-term separation from family, unfair treatment by factory management, and poverty in their home villages. In an energetic dialogue between three filmmakers, the stories of the workers are interwoven with the film diary of a young intellectual activist Zeng Jinyan, who details her battle against gender discrimination and political oppression, and with Trish McAdam’s animations, which link the narratives and amplify the tone of irreverence and subversion.

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