Ferpect Crime

Director: Alex de la Iglesia

Spain-Italy| 2004. Subtitled. Colour. Anamorphic. Dolby Digital Stereo. 103 min

A rollicking, unpretentious and often hilarious black comedy that looks terrific from first frame to last, Alex de la Iglesia’s Ferpect Crime doubles as a cheerily complicit attack on our obsession with image Department store employee Rafael (Guillermo Toledo), a Don Juan and terrific salesman who feels most at home in the ruthless environment of the women’s department, spends his days persuading women to buy things they didn’t know they wanted and his nights making love to colleague Roxanne (Kira Miro). Rafael is missing only one thing: promotion to floor manager. His rival, Antonio, beats him to the job. When the two men get into a fight in the store’s changing rooms, Antonio is accidentally killed. Deranged, aesthetically challenged shop assistant Lourdes (Monica Cervera), who is secretly in love with Rafael, witnesses the accident. She enthusiastically helps Rafael dismember the body, a blacker-thanblack scene that visuals exploit to the comic maximum. The two become accomplices, which is a dream come true for her but a nightmare for him—especially when she decides she wants to get married. —Jonathan Holland/’Variety’.

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