Director: Tsai Ming-Liang

127 mins, Taiwan, 2020, Digital, Subtitled

Speaking about Days, Tsai Ming-Liang says ‘… there was really no plan for this film at all’. As in much of Tsai cinema, the film is almost devoid of narrative or dialogue, with scenes unfolding slowly through long takes. Yet we are immersed in this mesmerising, delicate, sensual playing out of events. Tsai draws inspiration for this latest collaboration with long-standing actor muse Lee Kang-Sheng from watching Laotian Anong Houngheuangsy via video chat: ‘cooking his hometown foods in his rather shabby room’.

The film depicts a one night encounter between two men who meet in a hotel room in Bangkok and share a beautiful, intimate moment where time seems suspended. This is a film about loneliness, isolation, human relationships connected by desire and tenderness, and about waiting, meeting, and parting.

Screening as part of the East Asia Film Festival Ireland 2021, March 25th to March 28th.

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