Taking place at the IFI on May 13th (16.00) will be Dance on Film, the Dublin Dance Festival’s programme of shorts.  A refreshing blend of dance-for-the-camera classics, international curiosities and animation discoveries that play with what dance is and how your imagination responds to it.

Highlights include Russell Maliphant’s Critical Mass filmed by David Hinton (director of several DV8 film masterpieces), featuring Maliphant himself and Jordi Cortes Molina. Antonia Franceschi, ex-New York City Ballet principal and ballerina in Fame, leads Mark Baldwin’s thriller Pointe Blank. Sultry figures glide through Prague streets in Topic II and dancing tableware appears in Paul Bush’s Furniture Poetry. Philippe Decouflé’s films are entertainingly French, while Ashley Roland & Jamey Hampton’s Advance is snappily American. Spot James Thierrée and Ballet Boyz Michael Nunn and Billy Trevitt in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner, narrated by Sir John Gieldgud. One Thousand Steps drifts along urban pavements, distorting perspective and perception and, fresh from the cutting room, is the premiere of Jessica Kennedy’s Motion Sickness. 

And the winner of the RTÉ Dance on the Box online poll is… WildFire Films and David Bolger’s Deep End Dance.

Please see www.dublindancefestival.ie for full details. 

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