Total duration: 90 mins

From the plight of the bald headed man to the battles between boxing couples in the ring, this shorts competition, curated by Eat My Shorts, has it all. Featuring pensive poets, families and forgiveness, and varied views of Dublin City, this programme  contains something for everyone to enjoy. Films include Gordie by Traolach Ó Murchú, Missing Green by Anne Maree Barry and Notes on Blindness by Peter Middleton and James Spinney.

These shorts are showing as part of the IFI Stranger Than Fiction 2013, Documentary Film Festival (September 26th – 29th).

Short’s Programme:


Gordie is a self-authored documentary that tells the story of a First Nation man who continues to struggle with the  trauma of a horrific childhood event.

Director: Traolach Ó’Murcú (9 mins 36 secs, Ireland, 2013, Colour.)


Men of the bald world discuss the anxieties that come with the balding process and reveal their vigorous rise above societal stigma associated with it

Director: Johnny Brew (10 mins 24secs, Ireland, 2013, Colour.)


The O’Neill family don’t go to school; parents Monica and Eddie instead prefer to teach their kids at home. Through this documentary we discover that homeschooling is not just a form of education but a way of life.

Director: Eoghan McQuinn (16mins 21secs, Ireland, 2012, Colour.)


While most couples quarrel their way to a compromising relationship, Ken and Aoife decide to fight fair in the ring, gloves and all. This touching portrait of a couple’s passion for a combative sport reveals the warmth and love between them and their softly spoken nature contrasts strongly with their strength and power in the boxing ring.

Director: Emer O’Shea (4mins 9 secs, Ireland, 2013, Colour.)


Following a society of female poets, Tidings offers an insight into their approaches to poetry and thoughts of life in their later years.

Director: Greg Colley (13mins 38 secs, Ireland, 2013, Colour.)


Synopsis: Capturing the Capital is a reflection of Dublin in 2013 through a series of photographs captured by the citizens of Dublin themselves.

Director: Rebecca Bermingham (7mins 14 secs, Ireland, 2013, Colour.)


Missing Green is a poetic journey through Cork Street, Dublin. Two parallel stories intermesh to create one underlying narrative.

Director: Anne Maree Barry. (13mins 47 secs, Ireland, 2013, Colour.)


John Hull lost his sight in 1983. For the next three years he would keep a diary on audiocassette – an intimate record that deconstructs his experience of blindness in relation to his family, his identity and his faith. Notes on Blindness: Rainfall uses John’s original audio as narration –  the very first time his recordings have been heard in public.

Director: Peter Middleton and James Spinney (3 mins 45 secs, U.K./AUS, 2013, Colour.)


An eccentric man’s life takes a turn in a way he didn’t expect. Over the course of the documentary, the audience gets a glimpse of many sides of the one man: the runner, the philosopher, the father, the friend and the entertainer.

Director: Deirdre Mullins (12mins 35secs, Ireland, 2012, Colour.)

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