total duration: 75 minutes (approx.)


Audience Award – Best Short – The Wild Geese (directed by Ailbhe Fitzpatrick)

Programmed in association with Eat My Shorts, a strong collection of seven shorts includes Wandering Rocks, which unlocks the life on a discarded cassette; Still Can’t Hear Her Mouth, a portrait film about stories, faded memories and the uncanny; Bo, about a man and his wife… and his cows; Harmanli, featuring Syrians’ daily attempts to survive a refugee camp in Bulgaria; The Wild Geese, which gets to the heart of sea swimmers; In Search of a Ritual, about a woman’s journey to make sense of the loss of her son; and Les Bénéfices de la vache, advice to children of revolution. 

All shorts are in competition. Check out the line up of shorts featured in the Reality Bites Documentary Shorts event on Saturday, September 27th (17.00).

This event is part of the IFI Stranger Than Fiction Documentary Film Festival (September 25th – 28th 2014).

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