Disappearance of Finbar, The

Trapped in the close community where he lives in Dublin, eighteen year old Finbar climbs the ghostly half-finished
flyover that overhangs his housing estate… And disappears. No word is heard and no body is found. For three
years the community investigates, mourns, parties and finally elevates Finbar to cult status. Danny, his reluctant
best friend, determines to discover the truth behind Finbar’s disappearance. This leads him on an extraordinary mythic
journey across Europe to Scandinavia where, in the tango hall at the end of the world, Danny learns a lesson about what
holds people together and what tears them apart.
DIRECTOR Sue Clayton
PRODUCERS David Collins/Bertil Ohlsson/Martin Bruce Clayton
CAST Luke Griffin, Lorraine Pilkington, Jonathan
Rhys-Myers, Sean McGinley, Laura Brennan, Fanny Risberg, Sif Ruud
RUNNING TIME 100 minutes

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