December Bride

Director: Thaddeus O'Sullivan

A compelling story of an open conflict between freedom and tradition, director Thaddeus O’Sullivan’s film sees a nineteenth century Protestant community scandalised by the actions of the fiercely independent Sarah Gomartin (Saskia Reeves). In opposition to convention, Sarah enters into relationships with two brothers in the house she serves, forgoing marriage with either even when pregnant with the child of one of the men. The consequences of this nonconformity – about which there has been no mention) – a scandalised community and an antagonised clergy – leaves Sarah isolated and in opposition to her entire people. Based on a novel by celebrated Northern Irish writer Sam Hanna Bell, December Bride brings the aesthetic of the European art film to this battle between a free spirit and a stifling religious doctrine and was winner of numerous awards, including a Special Jury Award at the 1990 European Film Awards.

Special Jury Award at the 3rd Annual European Film Awards

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