Irish Film Institute -CRUISING



102 minutes, U.S.A.-West Germany, 1980, Colour, D-Cinema

New York police suspect a serial killer when male body parts start appearing in the Hudson River. Believing it may be connected to the city’s gay S&M scene, Officer Steve Burns (Al Pacino) is sent deep undercover to investigate. Clearly drawn to the scene on some level, Burns becomes increasingly involved, placing strain on his relationship with his girlfriend.

Production of the film was frequently disrupted by groups of protesters outraged at what was believed to be a bigoted depiction of homosexuality. Met with similar protests on its release, the film now stands as a remarkable depiction of the pre-AIDS era. (Notes by Kevin Coyne.) 

This event is part of our Films Maudits (cursed films) season running throughout August; focusing on films that have been unfairly maligned or overlooked on their original release. The term has it’s origins from a festival in 1949, curated by Jean Cocteau, amongst others, which celebrated these neglected and disregarded films.  

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