Director: Christian Vincent

98 minutes, France, 2015

In this courtroom drama, the great Fabrice Luchini (Potiche, In the House) plays Michel Racine, a feared but respected judge in the Criminal Courts with a reputation for handing down severe sentences (he goes by the nickname ‘The Two Figure Judge’ on account of his regular ten-year minimum). A routine homicide case begins, only this time, former lover Ditte (Sidse Babett Knudsen – known for her role as the Prime Minister in Borgen) is sitting on the jury. Old flames are rekindled as their romance parallels the trial. Sometimes truth prevails. But not always. Most of the time we never know as truth and fiction intertwine and the viewer is kept guessing until the end. (MPR)

Winner, Best Actor and Best Screenplay, Venice International Film Festival 2015

Director’s Note: “Events unfold like a play, with the courtroom as the main stage, while we also learn what goes on behind the scenes, in this classy, subtle film.”

Showing as part of the IFI French Film Festival 2015 (November 18th – 29th)

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