Christina Noble: In a House That Ceased to Be

Director: Ciarín Scott

The winner of the audience award for best feature when it screened as part of 2014’s IFI Stranger than Fiction Documentary Film Festival, Ciarín Scott’s intimate, emotional portrait of the remarkable Christina Noble is startling in its frankness. It forgoes a conventional retelling of her journey from poverty in the slums of Dublin to becoming a prominent campaigner for the rights of children throughout the world in favour of presenting the real, complex woman behind the headlines, and follows her on a sometimes painful journey to be reunited with her own family, who are all tormented by their past.

Christina Noble: In a House that Ceased to Be celebrates a compassionate and dedicated crusader motivated to some degree by the contempt she carries for the way she and her siblings were treated when they were young. (Notes by Michael Hayden.)

Listen to an interview with Christina Noble, family members and director Ciarín Scott here.

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