Director: Nino Tropiano

For almost 100 years, a host of Italian families have provided fish, chips and the odd battered burger to Dublin’s hungry masses. In fact, since the early 20th century upwards of 4,000 Italians have settled in Dublin. Following Barbato Borza (son of chipper legend Donato Borza) on a trip to Casalattico, director Nino Tropiano tells the story of these families and how they have managed to retain their cultural identity and their links with their country of origin while at the same time assimilating seamlessly into their host country. Drawing on archival material from RTÉ and Italy’s Luce Institute, and featuring interviews with members of each of Dublin’s Italian chipper families, the film explores issues of exile, homecoming, hardship, national identity and social integration.

Notes by Sunniva O’Flynn.

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