By Hook or by Crook

Director: Harriet and Harry Dodge

By Hook or by Crook chronicles three weeks in the life of a gender-bending, small-town butch. After the death of her father, Shy (Silas Howard of San Francisco band Tribe 8) heads to the big city for a life of crime. Enter Valentine (artist and actress Harriet Dodge), who’s on a misguided search for her natural mother. The two join forces and learn the meaning of poise under pressure in this anti-authoritarian tale of friendship, trust and redemption. Brilliantly written and acted and innovatively filmed, By Hook or by Crook is a female version of Midnight Cowboyohilarious, poignant and brave. It is also a first of its kindoa movie about butches by butches which gives voice to a powerful new creative sensibility.
Directors: Harriet Dodge, Harry Dodge. U.S.A., 2001. Colour. Video. 98 mins.

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