Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Director: Blake Edwards

(1961| 114 minutes| 12PG)

No film better utilizes Audrey Hepburn’s flighty charm and svelte beauty than this romantic adaptation of Truman Capote’s novella. Hepburn’s urban sophisticate Holly Golightly, an enchanting neurotic living off the gifts of gentlemen, is a bewitching figure in designer dresses and costume jewellery. George Peppard is her upstairs neighbor, a struggling writer and ‘kept’ man financed by a steely older woman (Patricia Neal). His growing friendship with the lonely Holly soon turns to love and threatens the delicate balance of both of their compromised lives. Composer Henry Mancini earned Oscars for the hit song Moon River and his tastefully romantic score. Blake Edwards’ elegant yet light touch, George Axelrod’s generous screenplay, and Hepburn’s mix of knowing experience and naivete combine to create one of the great screen romances, a jeweled slice of high society bohemian chic and a timeless cinematic escape.

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