Any Way The Wind Blows

Director: Tom Barman

2003. Belgium. 127mins.

Multi-talented Tom Barman took a year off from his pop career (from his band dEUS, who are playing the Electric Picnic this year, and who sold out the Ambassador in Dublin last year) to make his debut feature ANY WAY THE WIND BLOWS, a contemporary drama revolving around eight interconnected characters living in his beloved home city Antwerp. The most eccentric is Windman (dancer Sam Louwyck), who meets up with cinema projectionist-cum-DJ Walter (Frank Vercruyssen) at a party. Walter is hosting and serving as DJ for Natalie, his girlfriend, whose brother Chouki (Matthias Schoenaerts), reeling from the death of their father, steals a deadly virus from a laboratory and accidentally releases it into the populace. The resulting chaos is a stylish, fast-paced portrayal of about 32 hours in these people’s lives, each striving to perform small personal miracles, culminating in a beautifully described party where they all meet up. Through the sheer sound and look, ANY WAY THE WIND BLOWS is as close as you get to a film that defines a time and a place, namely Antwerp, anno 2003. Tom Barman will introduce the film.

Official website http://www.anywaythewindblows.com/

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