Netherlands, 98 min, 2011

Everything is about to change for Alfie when we meet him on the moon-lit eve of his seventh birthday. Realising that he’s suddenly covered in fur, he finds that as a werewolf he can get up to all kinds of adventures – some naughtier than others – than he would do as a quiet boy. But, afraid that his adoptive family will no longer love him when they discover his secret, he looks to his big brother and his grandfather, who help him find the courage to be himself.

Howl with laughter at this delightful family story. Adapted from the popular book series.

In Dutch with English subtitles read aloud by an experienced reader.

Recommended age: 7+

+ Corrida: This funny Latvian animation with a retro style is about the AB rescue team and their crazy adventures throughout Europe. For their first rescue mission they’re called to Spain, but how will they be able to help? An amusing animation about the dangers of bullfighting. 

7mins/ Latvia/2012/Director: Janis Cimermanis 

These films are showing as part of the IFI Family Festival 2012.

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