Director: Thomas Robsahm

108 mins, Norway, 2021, Digital, Subtitled

Almost 35 years after ‘Take On Me’ – one of the most played songs of all time – A-ha are still creating magic on stage with their melancholy and timeless music. Thomas Robsahm’s documentary follows the band over a period of four years, revealing how three young men from Norway followed their dream of becoming internationally beloved popstars. That dream came true when ‘Take On Me’ reached number 1 on Billboard in the USA in 1985. Nowadays, they still tour the world, but drive in separate cars, and remain apart backstage. They reconnect on stage, while doing the one thing they love. The film captures the challenging creative and personal dynamics of a group of three strong individuals. It is a story of great music, big ambitions, broken friendships, and maybe forgiveness.

Notes by David O Mahony

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