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[Age 4+]

These international short films are sure to delight our younger viewers. Rumble in the jungle with some animal friends, see what toys do at night, and learn the importance of family. A fun and mostly dialogue-free programme of gorgeous animations for all.

Dear Henri
Nine-year-old Henri has recently lost her beloved namesake and pen pal – Grandpa Henry. In her own imaginative way, she sends him messages and waits for a response. Combining live action and stop-motion animation to delightful effect.
USA / 2015 / Animation / Director: Matthew Sandager

Following on from last year’s Family Fest’s hilarious, Tiger, in this cheeky animation, a Penguin waiter wants everything to be perfect at his party but things do not go as planned.
Germany / 2018/ Animation / Director: Julia Ocker

Autumn Leaves
Beautifully shot in Tehran this film follows a little girl as she is distracted by a fallen leaf on her way to school. Arriving late to class means the leaves are no longer so much fun.
Iran / 2015/ Live Action / Director: Saman Hosseinpuor

All the others animals have a partner – the squirrels, the snails, the worms and even the dragonflies. Betty is tired of being alone but she has a fishing rod and an idea! This wonderfully textured animation is full of surprises.
Sweden / 2018/ Animation / Director: Uzi Geffenblad 

 Ambassadors of the Cosmos
Two stray dogs are chosen to make a voyage to outer space much to the surprise of the alien settlers! Inspired by the story of Laika, the first dog in space.
Hungary / 2018/ Animation / Director: Béla Klingl

Lemon & Elderflower
These two young hummingbirds are not able to fly yet as their wings are too small, but, that doesn’t stop them from creating inventions to help them take to the sky. The creative use of stop motion animation reflects their inventiveness.
United Kingdom / 2017/ Animation / Director: Ilenia Cotardo

Between the Lines
A zebra thinks she is alone in a world where everyone else has someone, until she finds another zebra. This is a love story set to the rhythm of music.
Russia / 2018/ Animation / Director: Maria Koneva

Night Moves
Late at night when everyone is asleep, funny shapes and characters from the toybox take over the bedroom. Only the break of dawn will put a stop to their adventures in this clever stop frame animation.
Germany / 2018/ Animation / Director: Falk Schuster

New Boy
Mike is worried, he believes he won’t be able to make any friends at his new school until he has the same electronic device that they have. However, as he tries to get the money he need, he learns an important lesson.
United Kingdom / 2017/ Live action / Director: Norman Tamkivi

Screening as part of IFI Family Festival August 31st – September 2nd. Tickets €5, family tickets €15 (2 adults + 2 children). Click for details. 


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