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Untold Secrets

Teresa Lavina, 84 minutes, 2021

Untold Secrets voices the experiences of survivors of Ireland's Mother & Baby Homes, and focuses on the life and upbringing of one survivor, Anne Silke, who was fostered out of the Bon Secours Mother & Baby Home in Tuam. A…

Up & Away

Jamie Goldrick, 16 minutes, 2020

Up & Away is a short documentary on the 1973 IRA Mountjoy Helicopter Escape, told through the eyes of four men who were in the prison that day.

Useless Dog

Ken Wardrop, 5 minutes, 2004

A sweet tale of an animal named ‘Guiness’ – the titular ‘useless dog’ – who is subject to farmer Trevor Wardrop’s complaints in this documentary short. Wardrop’s narrative proceeds over images of what he claims are Guiness’s cowardly, narcoleptic characteristics.…

Very Extremely Dangerous

Paul Duane, 85 minutes, 2012

Exhilarating, compelling, at times harrowing, Very Extremely Dangerous tells a story unlike few other Irish documentaries. Irish director Paul Duane takes a frightening, fascinating journey into the mad world of Jerry McGill, a 1960s rock ‘n’ roller from Memphis who…

The Village

Mark McCarty, Walter Goldschmidt, Colin Young, 70 minutes, 1967

Made by UCLA’s Ethnographic Film Program, this film visits Dunquin in Co. Kerry and examines how modernization has affected the inhabitants of this remote Irish-speaking fishing village in the southernmost part of Ireland. The film explores their connection with the…

Violet Gibson: The Irish Woman Who Shot Mussolini

Barrie Dowdall, 105 minutes, 2020

The extraordinary true story of the Irish woman who shot Mussolini is brought to life in Barrie Dowdall's documentary. Violet Gibson, daughter of the Lord Chancellor to Ireland, shot the dictator at point-blank range as she faced a fascist mob…

The Waiting Game

David Blake Knox, 53 minutes, 2016

In 2008 a troupe of seasoned players set off on the most ambitious theatrical tour of Ireland ever undertaken. Stephen Brennan, Alan Stanford, Barry McGovern and Johnny Murphy had first performed Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot at the Gate Theatre…


Joel Conroy, 80 minutes, 2008

Documenting the rise of surfing as one of Ireland’s fastest growing sports, Waveriders explores the unique attractions the country offers to the sport. Set primarily on Ireland’s west coast some of world’s most passionate and talented surfers are interviewed to…

We Are Moving – Memories of Miss Moriarty

Claire Dix, 65 minutes, 2016

This is an intimate portrait of Joan Denise Moriarty, a visionary who overcame enormous odds by doggedly following her dream of bringing ballet to every corner of Ireland. A pioneer of early 20th century Irish dance, Moriarty dared to create…

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