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Matjaž Pinter
Eva Pivač, 94 minutes, 2016

Takasera, a village in Western Nepal, is settled on a hill above an ancient lakebed, composed of hundreds of tightly interwoven houses, giving an appearance of a giant buzzing bee-hive. Surrounded by mountains, and connected only by a dead-end dirt…

Talking to My Father

Modern architecture in Ireland reached a high point in the early ’60s and one of its most celebrated figures was Robin Walker. Robin studied under Le Corbusier and later worked alongside Mies van der Rohe in Chicago. His return to…

Tana Bana

Pat Murphy, 77 minutes, 2015

Varanasi on the Ganges is famous for its Muslim silk weavers whose lives are closely interwoven with that of their Hindu neighbours. For over a thousand years the skills of their trade have passed from one generation to the next.…


Kevin Brennan,
Laurence Durkin, 62 minutes, 2023

The remote volcanic island of Ascension sat smouldering for a million years, largely devoid of life, until its radical transformation by process of 'terraforming' into a tropical paradise. But there is more to this island than meets the eye. The…


Aideen Kane, Lucy Kennedy, Maeve O’Boyle, 94 minutes, 2020

On the third anniversary of the historic electoral victory, The 8th traces Ireland’s campaign to remove the 8th Amendment - a constitutional ban on abortion. It shows a country’s transformation from a conservative state in thrall to the Catholic church to a…



When Glaswegian performance artist Stephen Skrynka learns that a life-long obsession with building and riding a century-old fairground attraction, the ‘Wall of Death’, was shared with Michael Donohoe and Connie Kiernan (who built a wall in 1979 and inspired the…

Tim Robinson: Connemara

Pat Collins, 57 minutes, 2011

Filmmaker Pat Collins and cartographer and author Tim Robinson might well be viewed as kindred souls, of sorts; both artists are truly unique in their respective fields, sharing as they do a profound, lyrical, and heartfelt connection to the Irish…

To the Moon

Tadhg O'Sullivan, 80 minutes, 2020

A vast compendium of moony sequences combine to create this cinematic ode to the moon. Drawing on a wealth of international cinematic archive (including sequences from the IFI Irish Film Archive) Tadhg O’Sullivan, director and editor extraordinaire, deftly interweaves the…

Tomorrow is Saturday

Gillian Marsh,
Gretta Ohle, 86 minutes, 2020

Tomorrow is Saturday is an intimate portrait of the life and work of Irish collage artist Sean Hillen. Diagnosed in his late 50s with Aspergers, Hillen has reached a point where he finds it almost impossible to work in his…

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