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The Making of the Rocky Road to Dublin

Paul Duane, 30 minutes, 2004

Made as companion piece for Rocky Road to Dublin during its revival in the 2000s, The Making of Rocky Road to Dublin describes the journey of Lennon’s iconoclastic documentary from its creation and initial life on the screen to its…

Man of Aran

Robert J. Flaherty, 76 minutes, 1934

Robert Flaherty’s seminal documentary, Man of Aran today remains one of the most important cinematic depictions of western Ireland. Initially arriving for an overnight stay, Flaherty eventually spent over two years among the native community of the Aran Islands, which…

Michael Collins

Neil Jordan, 132 minutes, 1996

An icon of Irish history, Michael Collins’ (Liam Neeson) life as a revolutionary becomes cinema in Neil Jordan’s historical epic. Retrenching after the failure of the 1916 Rising, Michael Collins sees its hero develop an army of street assassins whose…

Mise Éire

George Morrison, 88 minutes, 1959

Produced by the pioneering Irish language filmmakers Gael Linn, Mise Éire, draws almost exclusively on contemporaneous newspapers, newsreels and actuality footage from the early years of Ireland’s revolutionary period to present a history of that turbulence. The era under director…

My Left Foot

Jim Sheridan, 103 minutes, 1989

His first film as director, My Left Foot launched Jim Sheridan’s international career and launched Irish cinema onto the world stage with My Left Foot earning Academy Award victories for Daniel Day-Lewis as Christy Brown and Brenda Fricker as Mrs Brown. The film also…


Irving Rapper,

During Hollywood’s golden age, there developed the genre of the ‘women’s picture’, films centred on and aimed at women. Their work in these films made stars – and sworn enemies – of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford, although the former…

The Quiet Man

John Ford, 129 minutes, 1952

A classic in the canon of Irish film, Irishman Sean Thornton (John Wayne) returns from Pittsburgh to his native home in the fictional town of Inisfree. Falling in love with both the scenery and local beauty Mary-Kate Danaher (Maureen O’Hara),…

Rocky Road to Dublin

Peter Lennon, 70 minutes, 1968

Rocky Road to Dublin is a 1968 documentary film by Irish-born journalist Peter Lennon and French cinematographer Raoul Coutard (long-time collaborator of Jean-Luc Godard), examining the contemporary state of the Republic of Ireland, posing the question, “what do you do…

Ryan’s Daughter

David Lean, 206 minutes, 1970

Made by David Lean whilst he was on a run of films that included Lawrence of Arabia and Doctor Zhivago, Ryan’s Daughter is arguably the most visually impressive film ever made in Ireland. Based on Flaubert’s Madame Bovary, the plot…

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