The IFI Player App – Behind the Scenes

The IFI Player launched in September 2016, bringing Irish film heritage to life with video content available around the world, for free.

That selection is constantly expanding, with the release of the Irish Adverts Project and the After ’16 Collection over the last few months, and the next exciting step on that journey is here with the launch of the IFI Player App!

This free to download app is available on a host of platforms including iOS, Android, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire and Android TV, giving users easy access to hundreds of videos from the IFI Player, available to watch for free anywhere in the world.

The IFI Player App was born out of a landmark collaboration between the Irish Film Institute and Axonista, an Irish company at the forefront of multiplatform TV and video streaming services. Their technology enables the IFI Player App to deliver a seamless experience anywhere, no matter if you’re using your smart TV or smartphone.

Find out more about the IFI Player App with our behind the scenes video.

The IFI Player App is available to download now – click here for more information. 

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