Irish Film Institute -BELOW THE BELT


Executive produced by Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Through the personal and inspiring stories of four women urgently searching for answers to mysterious symptoms, Below the Belt exposes widespread problems in our healthcare system that disproportionately affect women.

Through the lens of endometriosis, a disease that affects 1 in 9 women, the film shows how women are often dismissed, discounted & disbelieved. During the 10 years it takes to be diagnosed with endometriosis, women are often told that symptoms are in their head or part of being a woman. Due to outdated notions, they are then often treated with an array of ineffective drugs and surgeries and erroneously told that pregnancy and hysterectomy are cures. Nearly 50% of infertility cases are due to endometriosis and almost all are preventable.

From societal taboos and gender bias to misinformed doctors and financial barriers to care, Below the Belt shines a light on how millions are effectively silenced and how, by fighting back, they can improve healthcare for all women.

Join us at the IFI on Thursday 6th October at 18.30 for a screening of Below the Belt, directed by Shannon Cohn and executive produced by Hillary Rodham Clinton, followed by an engaging panel discussion with the director, govt. leaders, medical experts and  more.

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Thursday 6th