Irish Film Institute -IFI Documentary Festival 2016: Tower

IFI Documentary Festival 2016: Tower

Director: Keith Maitland

96 mins, USA., 2016, Digital

On 1st August 1966 engineering student Charles Whitman ascended the main building observation tower in the University of Texas at Austin with a small arsenal in tow and proceeded to open fire on the student populace beneath him. Forty-nine people were shot and sixteen killed by the time he was apprehended by police. A forensic, moment-by-moment chronicle of the massacre, America’s first major school shooting, that draws on eye-witness testimony from survivors, Tower is also a formally daring hybrid that imaginatively blends cutting-edge rotoscoping animation with more traditional documentary techniques.

This event is screening as part of IFI Documentary Festival 2016 (September 22- 25)

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