Director: Cyril Dion/Mélanie Laurent

118 mins • France • 2015 • Digital

There will be a post-screening discussion with Peadar Kirby, academic, writer and a director of Cloughjordan Ecovillage; Kate Ruddock, Friends of the Earth; Mindy O Brien, Voice Ireland and Graham Barnes, Trustee/Director of Feasta.

This César-winning documentary inspires and gives hope through its solution-focused approach to the economic, social and ecological crises facing the planet. Actor/director Mélanie Laurent, ecologist activist Cyril Dion and a small crew globetrot in search of projects aimed at bringing about change in how we live, consume and engage with the world. Across ten countries, they meet pioneers in agriculture, economics, education and energy, people working to improve their communities and make a difference. (Notes by Alicia McGivern)

Director’s note: Exhilarating, inspiring and radical ways to live in harmony with others and our planet, are introduced to us with high-energy optimism.

In association with VIEW 2016 Festival.

Screening as part of the IFI French Film Festival 2016.

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