Irish Film Institute -The Snip

The Snip

Director: Simon Gibney

2004| Colour| 60 mins Ireland

Simply saying the word ‘vasectomy’ is enough to make most men squirm uncomfortably in their seats. Yet each year, over 4,000 Irish men line up at doctor’s surgeries and clinics across the country with a tight pair of underpants in one hand and a bag of frozen peas in the other, waiting for their turn on the table. An increasing number of men are taking family planning into their own hands to limit the number of children they produce, or even remain ‘childfree’.
The Snip examines this phenomenon, talking to those who carry out vasectomies and those who have had it done, and following those who are about to do it -from their initial consultation to the operating table…and beyond! The film also traces the history of the vasectomy in Ireland, once only spoken of in embarrassed whispers, and it’s recent rise to prominence where it is now more openly talked about amongst male friends and co-workers.

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