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The growing presence of celebrity culture, media surveillance and televisual hyper-reality seems to dominate Klein’s fictional worlds. In The Model Couple, the television set is a motif through which the characters watch themselves and are observed and manipulated by others.

The French Ministry of the Future chooses a couple to inhabit a prototype living space. The experiment will determine what is needed for the French citizen of the future. Under constant televised surveillance, two psycho-sociologists subject the couple to various behavioural and emotional tests that are broadcast to the television viewing audience. As the audience loses interest, the experiment descends into farce and anarchy. (Film notes by James Armstrong.)

Tickets €11. This film is part of a focus on the work of William Klein (February 14th – 20th) with the Jameson Dublin International Film Festival. There will also be two Reel Art screenings at the IFI on February 18th and 19th (bookings only through JDIFF on 01 687 7974 or visit www.jdiff.com). (Note: free list suspended.)


101 minutes, U.S.A., 1977, 35mm


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