Irish Film Institute -THE BIRD


Director: Yves Caumon

93 minutes • France • 2011

Featuring a superbly nuanced performance from Festival guest Sandrine Kiberlain, The Bird is a rewarding character study of a woman numbed by grief who tentatively begins to find a way back to the pleasures of life. Having retreated into an austere existence following personal tragedy, shunning the advances of friendship and romance made by colleagues, Anne (Kiberlain) is surprised to find a pigeon trapped in the walls of her flat. After freeing it from its confines, the bird becomes a companion of sorts. Finding herself with something to care for and about again, Anne gradually opens herself up to others, and to the possibility that her life might once again contain happiness. Director Yves Caumon’s measured, spare approach to the material provides Kiberlain the opportunity to reaffirm her place as one of France’s finest actresses.

(Nov 16th includes Q&A with Sandrine Kiberlain and Yves Caumon; Nov 17th introduction and Q&A with Yves Caumon and Irish director Michael Kinirons.)<

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