Saint Ange

Director: Pascal Laugier

1h 38min. 2005

The remote and recently vacated orphanage of the title, circa 1958, is a less-than-ideal locale for an unwed mother-to-be to wait out her pregnancy. In an eerily atmospheric prologue that establishes Saint Ange’s look and feel, a creepy accident affects two cute kids who venture into the orphanage’s cavernous communal washroom one stormy night. Shortly thereafter, Anna (Virginie Ledoyen) is met by stern director Francard (Catriona MacColl) at the rural bus stop in the French Alps near Saint Ange. After the remaining kiddies are all shunted off to foster homes and principal staff decamps, Anna finds herself virtually alone on the sinister premises, with only girlish nutcase Judith (Lou Doillon) and plump cook and washerwoman Ilinica (Dorina Lazar) for occasional company. Anna keeps her burgeoning belly bound up tight. Things go bump in the night, mirrors and faucets loom with implied significance and there are intimations of young arrivals suffering from too little space and staff back during WWII. In a nicely scored widescreen feast of scant dialogue and evocative settings, Laugier revisits the Spooky Iconography Handbook with assured flair, while Virginie Ledoyen provides a game human presence in a prematurely ghostly domain. Cast includes: Virginie Ledoyen, Lou Doillon, Catriona MacColl

Tickets include a post-screening reception. French actress Virginie Ledoyen will attend this event.

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