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OUR EVENING COURSE WHICH COMMENCED APRIL 29TH WITH BOB QUINN’S POITIN WILL CONTINUE THROUGHOUT MAY WITH FILMS FROM CATHAL BLACK, KIERAN HICKEY, JOE COMERFORD AND PAT MURPHY. THE CHALLENGE TO CREATE FILMS AND AN INDUSTRY THAT WOULD, AS KIERAN HICKEY DECLARED, ‘SHOW OURSELVES TO OURSELVES AND TO OTHERS’ WAS TAKEN UP BY THESE FILMMAKERS, LAYING THE FOUNDATION STONES FOR THE ENDEAVOURS OF PRACTITIONERS TODAY. EACH FILM WILL BE CONTEXTUALIZED BY PRESENTATIONS FROM FILM-MAKERS AND CULTURAL COMMENTATORS.This early film by Cathal Black concerned itself with inner city life in Dublin. Offering an urban portrait of an alternative family who are squatting in a Georgian tenement, it was in complete contrast to the type of rural representations which had dominated Irish cinema. The film exposes the harsh realities of 1980s Dublin where the Gardai bully the citizens who are punished for not fitting in. Cathal Black will present his film.

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