Irish Film Institute -JOYRIDE


Director: Emer Reynolds

95 mins, Ireland, 2021, Digital, F-Rated

Tickets for the 18.20 opening night screening, followed by a Q&A with director Emer Reynolds, are on sale here.

12-year-old Mully (Charlie Reid) has lost his mother, and discovers his debt-ridden father stealing the charity money they’ve raised in her name. Grabbing the cash, Mully flees the scene, steals a taxi and is shocked to find a woman, Joy (Olivia Colman), passed out in the back seat with a baby. Joy, an inadvertent mother, has decided to give her child away to a friend and leave the country. This mismatched pair, a compassionate but troubled adolescent and a complicated, no-nonsense solicitor, set off on a road trip where they will ultimately find deep friendship and a happier way to journey through life. Filmed in the glorious south west of Ireland, directed by Emer Reynolds (The Farthest) from a script by Ailbhe Keogan (Run and Jump), Joyride is a warm, funny and touching story about motherhood, friendship and acceptance.

Notes by Sunniva O’Flynn

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